Challenge; mountain heather scarf

Okay. So I changed my mind again- my stitch count got ten kinds of messed up on the chevron and I decided it had been a good run. Before I stopped chevron, I frogged the 91 chains and changed the pattern by half. It went well for like twenty rows then went to hell.
SO! I went back to my original plan and retried the windowpane scarf, after fighting with my chain for a few moments I got it to work and am happily working on my new scarf (people at work are envious!)

Right now my progress is about the size of my crochet hook. What you’re about to see is my second beginning- the first was using an H hook and this one is using a G. It’s more open than I would like, but I suppose it’ll do I’m sick of restarting projects.


UPDATE! Day two: Mountain Heather lace chevron scarf! (wrap?)

Going to try to get into the rhythm of doing updates and stuff after a long day of working on a project, and here is my first of many. As you know, I started this  wrap (scarf?) last night.

After an hour of placing stitch markers and adjusting my tightness on my foundation chain, I finally got what I needed 91 Single Crochet all in a row. Let me tell you, I forgot the pain that is that initial chain. In the spirit of being fed up with it after having too few one too many times, I tried to learn the foundation single crochet.

In theory, I  understand how to maneuver the yarn and the hook to make it work. But, in application…Suffice to say I failed. I got angry and just resumed quietly making chains and tediously trying to make sure sure I was on the right track.

I went to bed, fairly sure, but not certain. I woke up and eventually got a chance to check again to make sure there were no magically added chains to make me angry and ruin my good day (a day spent being productive, and also having a dream shattered. I needed some good news). Lo and behold!  The perfect number of stitches!

Anyway, steering off of that tangent, I got to work on this scarf/wrap/whatever. As I slowly progressed, I counted carefully and before moving on to the next row I ran across the one just completed to make sure my repeats are as they should be, as that’s the case- I’ve not gotten too far, but I have gotten to the point where I can just kind of repeat two rows over and over forever so that means I can take it to work and drone it out on autopilot.

Anyway! The point of this update is this photo~


Ah yes! Progress. I’m not IN LOVE with the colors, but I think as it grows it will look better. It’s in it’s awkward stages at the moment, I think.

New project- Variegated Yarn Scarf!

I have been hunting to no avail for a pattern to use for my Variegated yarn that I won on a giveaway on this website back in 2013 it’s in the color “Mountain Heather”  and I gotta tell you, folks, it’s really adorable. (I like it, anyway.)

I thought I had found a pattern for it last night, the window pane scarf , and while that pattern is gorgeous, I don’t feel like it works with the weight of the yarn or the hook I stubbornly want to use. So, I went on the search again.

This time I came up with a pattern I’ve been seeing for quite some time that’s piqued my interest, this chevron lace scarf. It’s the correct weight, and while I’m still determined to use my E Hook with the nice wooden handle, I’m sure it’ll look just fine. And if not, I’ll switch to my H (grumbles I guess…).

Guys, I just really (really) want to use this yarn. It’s so pretty and i want to wear it. I want to use it on a project for myself because I’ve making things for my coworkers and it’s my turn. So I’m also doing this from a place of selfishness, I guess.

But dammit, at least I’ll have a fab new scarf out of the deal.

Geeky crochet bag project/product!



This is an idea I’ve had for quite some time, I finally decided to do something about it. It’s not QUITE how I envisioned it, but it’s cute and it’s for sale! 😀


At work we’re not allowed to get on the internet anymore, so I’m pumping out projects left and right. I’ve made like 7 hats. 3 pink, 2 black and 2 baby hats (also on the shop). I have two more in my project box that are in mid- creation.


The bag took like 12 hours to make- I worked on it during the time when I didn’t have any calls at work, and I look forward to working out how to make a circular bag and convert some of these into phone cases and coin purses and stuff. (Zippers frighten me, but I want to discover their mysteries.)


Keep an eye out, I’m on a rampage. 😀

Really easy, super cute beret pattern! ♫


I made a hat at work and people are requesting it, I wanted to put my pattern somewhere I won’t lose it. It is based off of this  one. I made the hook bigger and went with an “N.”- the modified pattern is below

N Hook

RND 1: Magic loop, ch 3 (counts as dc), 11 dc in loop, sl st to join, pull to tighten (12 DC)

RND 2: ch 3, dc in same st, 2 dc in each stitch around, sl st to join (12 dc)

RND 3: ch 3, 2 dc in next st, *dc, 2 dc, repeat from* around sl to to join (36 dc)

RND 4: ch 3, dc, 2 dc *dc, dc, 2 dc, repeat from * around sl st to join (48 dc)

RND 5: ch 3, dc, dc, 2 dc *dc, dc, dc, 2 dc, repeat from* around sl st tp join

RNDS 6-13; ch 3, dc in each st around sl st to join

RND 14-15; ch 2, sc in each dc space

RND 16; ch 2 *sc, sc dec, repeat from* sl st to join ++

RND 17; ch 2, sc in each st around sl st to join


++ The decrease round is optional, I had to do it so it would fit correctly on my tiny head. xD

Also, a quick thanks!

Thank you, my dear followers for not unfollowing. I really expected most of you to since I had been inactive for so long. I’ll be making you guys a surprise perler thingie and resuming my Pinterest Roundups since I have the inspiration again. Stay tuned, guys, I think Wynn is back! :3

Long long time no post! (PERLER BEADS!)

I’m so sorry, guys I fell off the crafting wagon and recently climbed back up. I have started making perler bead sprites!

I decided to pick it up after being jealous of some of the cute (really cute) things I’ve seen people make of them- I’m going to make an effort to start blogging again, I’m sorry I disappeared.

The Vault Boy was the first thing ever that I made with Perlers, I made it for my boyfriend. The heart is for my best friend, because she likes kingdom hearts (she wanted to change the color scheme). I made the corgi also for my boyfriend, it took me like 4 hours. Then the latest things, the bunny is for my Supervisor at work who has fallen ill. And the kitty is mine, my subtle way of coming out of the broom closet.

I’ll try to post you guys a few things as I get them done, I actually have the itch to start making things again. So keep and eye out!