Side Project; I do love a Quickie :D

My mother in law [to be] told me how to make a Sashay scarf tonight and I went to Walmart straight away t get some Sashay yarn. I’m pleased. I’ve not done much [read: Anything] on my biweekly. I’m going to do the waistband and the back tomorrow. That s to say, I’m going to sew my waistband and cut my back and maybe pin it tomorrow. 😀Image 


Biweekly Progress; Change of plans

I chickened out of that dress pattern, it was to advanced for what I feel like I’m ready for. I chose a skirt pattern from my stash that I quite like and that I think will go famously for the fall. Or the summer. Whatever we have here in Alabama this Winter.


Today I managed to get the front pinned out and cut, and I cut the waistband out. I was working on the bed, since the PIggers were running around the floor and I didn’t want to take up valuable piggy exploration space.

I forgot how painful pinning fabric is–not to the fingers or anything like that, but to the back. Yeowch. My back hurts something fierce. But, I’ll get this project knocked out and hopefully I’ll make the shirt too, that’s on the pattern. But in the interest of school work and work-work, I’ll put the top as a solid maybe for a side project. Or, I’ll do the shirt for the next challenge.

I died a little, but I didn’t stop. I promise.

Biweekly Update; Day one

   Today, when I get off work I’m going to cut out the pattern and buy me about 3 yards of fabric, in total. And interfacing. Yech. I have no more fusible interfacing so I think I may have to splurge and buy myself a little. 

 Depending on Walmart prices I may have to wait until tomorrow to, and I may even decide to make a different dress. The more I think, the less I’m in love with the one i chose. We’ll see, but I’ll for sure make progress tonight.

  Gonna say this one is due to be completed by September Ninth. (9/9/13)

Bi-Weekly Project; Plan for main and Side Project

I’m going to start the project tomorrow, most likely at the very least buy my fabric and perhaps get the dress cut out. It’s going to be this;


   My classes started and I have some busy days ahead. Tomorrow after work, I get to drive 60 miles to to go to my school for my books. While I’m there I’m going to run by the fabric store and pick up some decent fabric. I feel terrible putting it off until tomorrow, but I am still so worn out from the road trip and all of that. I don’t know why I’m so ungodly tired, but I guess it’s what I get for running like crazy with little sleep for a full week. 

  But I promise, I’m sticking by my commitment. This time my side project is going to be a crochet project to help me pass time at work….when I’m not studying. Crap. Well…I’ll crochet intermittently.  

 Also, I’m considering updating my About me page to include my fuzzy companions. But I’m not 100% Sure. I’ll be looking for a crochet pattern, possibly a shirt or something. I’ve not made a piece of crochet clothing yet…`

Considering THIS as my crochet pattern for my side project, when I’m not studying. xD

Home at last; Second Bi-Weekly Challenge

  I made it home, after a 6 hour drive and so many near-accidents [getting run off the road among other things] and lots of rain. I am LEGIT so happy to be home with my animals and my better half. Unfortunately, I have to do homework and such along my work schedule and an inconvenient trip to campus. However, I’m planning Project Two. I’m thinking a sewing project using a pattern? 

  I’ll look at my patterns tomorrow and check my fabric stash to see what I can do. But for sure, I want to do a pattern. I’ll update tomorrow with a photo of the pattern I’ll be using, and perhaps the fabric pallet as well. 😀

Resin Necklaces; Attempt One *Failed*

  So, my best friend and I went to the Hobby Lobby here in Saint Augustine, and got our Ice Resin, bezels, chains, a spare Jewelers kit, split rings, charms and backing for the charm. We got to the Hotel all excited and ready to try the resin pendant and guess what? No scissors. 

  We can’t cut the paper. We can’t open the Ice Resin syringe. We can’t. We’ll go tomorrow and get the scissors, but I’m still annoyed that we completely forgot. :c