So, I’m a curious Crafter with endless ideas and slightly more limited motivation. But, I’m aiming to fix it by issuing myself a challenge to finish a project AT LEAST every two weeks. To give you an idea,…

  • I sew.
  • I crochet.
  • I bead weave.
  • I cross stitch
  • I embroider
  • Jewelry Design

And, for most of these, save for the sewing one, I can take them to work to push them forward. Why do I do, almost literally, everything? I have no idea. But I need to, and here’s where this comes in.

Quick background, since this IS the first post, I’m a lover of Photography [but as with most else, I’m under motivated] and I love animals. I’ve always been into Artsy sorts of things. I drew Anime for about 7 years, and still am NOT pleased with that or my progress. I’ve been a writer since I was seven, but you can guess what happens with that. I’m simply a creative mind that’s flagging and faltering terribly, and aiming to preserve that creative spark. :3

The main idea behind this blog, is to not stop making things. Too often I start to do creatively oriented things, then get taken in by video games and such. So, I stop making things.  This is supposed to encourage me to not let my shop die, keep learning and just continue with my handy crafts. I want to get into making and designing my own clothes, and I figure this will make me learn. :3

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