Challenge One; Over the Shoulder purse

For this project, I’m going to be using Crochet as my medium, and working simultaneously with my best friend in preparation of our trip to Saint Augustine.

It’s going to be this bag.

Tomorrow, I’m going to choose yarn from my stash, so I can justify buying more when I’m done. I have until August 18th to complete said handbag, because at 9am I’ll be hitting the road for a magical, and long, 5 hour road trip.

I’ll post updates and such as I make progress, and I’ll be posting other crafts for my shop and such as well. If you’re at all curious about my shop there’s a big orange Etsy ad to the side. [Please be curious?]

Progress One-5:00pm 8/4/13; I’ve been working on this thing for like 2 hours and wondering why the pattern wasn’t working out as expected. When I actually looked close at the pattern, I realized I haven’t been chaining enough. I misread and thought it was 54 chains. At one point I got to the third color change, and realized my chevron wasn’t quite matching. After some trial and error, I realized I was decreasing SO WRONG. It’s cool, though, now I got it. And I also have 58 chains. We got this. :c

Progress Two-7:57pm 8/4/13; Finished my first 3 color rotation. Honestly, I’ve never had a project where I change colors, so I’m learning a lot from this project. I was a little iffy on the Green, pink and blue together. But like this, I like it. I’m not done for the night. But I am taking a break. I’ve been fiddling with yarn for the past 5 hours. :C

Progress Three; Day Two 10:54 Pm 8/5/13; I made it to row 13 and I’m pleased with the colors and how they work together. The Chevron Pattern is becoming second nature to my hands at this point. And color changing is fairly easy, except I’m dreading the color changing when I have a substantial amount of purse done. I’m afraid the heaviness will make it redonk. But I’m committed and I like it. :3

Progress Four; Day Three 1:29AM 8/6/13] I worked on it when I was able to, and made a bit of progress. Started on row 16. It doesn’t seem like much, and I aim to be at about 25 by tomorrow’s end. Unfortunately, the shop order happened today…. So many things.


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