Inspiration crushed by lack of Observation :c

I went to Wal-Mart for craft run and picked up the thread for my Castiel Embroidery, some beads for an order on my shop and some [what I thought] was a set of Polymer clay. I got home to see on the back of the pack it said “Do not bake”. My thought? “K, maybe it’s air dry.” Then I did some research and found that I had bought the EZ Shape stuff that’s wax based.

Really? I was going to make beads tonight. I was going to figure out how to make polymer rings [As most things, I know how IN THEORY. I have an idea…]. But no. I was wrong.

I’ll have to take it back to walmart tomorrow, because I’m too lazy to do it today. And it’s like 95 degrees and as much as I love blaring Paul Simon and the Scissor Sisters on the highway, I really could do with out the heat. So, that idea gets put onto the back burner until tomorrow. Which is fine I guess, I think I missed something anyway. Think I need some sort of paint or spray finish to give the finished beads/rings/whatever a shine… But still, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a LITTLE upset. :c

Curse you failed Salt dough experiment for making me impatient [and hurting my delicate ego]. Curse you!

In other news I may not be able to work as much as I want on my bag, since I have the order and an idea for my shop. I’ll get a couple rows done but I’m already slightly upset that I think I won’t make fair headway. :C


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