Ouch. Today. You hurt my pocket. :c

I splurged a little, and I feel bad. I went back and took the EZ shape to walmart. I bought myself some polymer clay that you can actually bake [yes, I made sure]. Then I was CRUSHED when I went to the beads and saw that the 6/0 color I needed was only available in the 9 dollar box. A box of a black, white and grey variety. Like, gee, that’s fab. Not that I don’t appreciate black, white and grey. But I wanted the colored set of beads first.

  To finish my polymer ideas, I bought some Alleene’s Gloss Finish. I might not need it for a bit, but I plan ahead. And immediately hate myself. Fun times. 

On the menu for today is working on the bag, up to row 21 or 25. Maybe more. I’m going to make my mother’s bracelet and then I’m going to research Polymer clay crafts and tutorials. 😀Image


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