Thinking of making separate updates

I was just editing the original post and I don’t know if it actually pops up as update, or if you have to scroll down to see what I’ve done. I know it’s terribly inconsequential so early in the Blog, but I still wonder. I’m considering post updates Every other day and simply posting my progress in the Gallery on my “Works in Progress” page.

Quick update, though, I’m on row 18 at the moment, and I intend at least 4 more before I go to bed. Since I work tomorrow I can’t exactly wait up until 2 am and then be like “lol nope”. So, I’ll take it to bed with me [if i have to]. And for sure,, I’ll take it to work tomorrow. :3

Feels good to be motivated [even though I really want to play with my clay and my sewing machine xD]

Day 4 progress


Since I didn’t post one on post completion, I’m adding this progress shot from last night. I’m adding the bow to the finished product, it’s a bow that I made that I didn’t do any seam finishing and I’m afraid it’s simply not suitable to sell. Ah well, I get to play with it. :3

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