Saint Augustine Outfit Side Project!

So, I decided to break out my turquoise tanktop material that I’ve been hoarding for the last 6 months and actually make a top with it. The below gallery shows you what the project looks like insofar. I’m going to add black facing to the arm bands and the neck line. Possibly the bottom hem, as well. It’s going to be paired with a black circle skirt with a 2 inch turquoise waistband. The black on the bottom of the shirt will be to offset the Turquoise on the skirt.

For this, the hardest part was making the pattern for it. I used this video to help me. It took me from about 10am to 1:30pm to complete it to this point.  And I did it all by my onesy. :3

I can’t wait to finish it. Kind of spazzing over have two projects to complete by the 18th. I got this.

It doesn’t look all professional, or even ANYWHERE in the general ballpark. But I made it. I made it and I’m proud. Shirts are hard, but I managed one. And I even have a theory on how to do sleeves. And, I learned about seam allowance. :3

4 thoughts on “Saint Augustine Outfit Side Project!

    • True true. I figure anything not perfect on this side project, I can simply learn from. Either way, I’m gonna trot around in my very own handmade outfit. :3

      You’re so nice!

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