Hi, Everyone! <3

A big “HI!” to my followers. Thank you, it really pleases me a lot to see my count going up. It’s supportive and it’s motivating. I’ll need that when my creativity starts to flag and I start complaining about my hands hurting. Or I get too scared to try something new.

I appreciate it. And I’m so happy you’re here!

PS: Progress for today. I got to row 27 [OH YEAH!] and I’m about halfway done with the main bag, and I’m pleased. I wasn’t able to do as much at work as I thought I’d be able to. The phone rang and rang and rang. Oh my gosh. It’s taking forever. Seriously. But, it is quite pretty. :3Image


Also, I’m HOPEFULLY going to make myself a little dress of some sort in the next couple of days. I want it before I go to Saint Augustine next week on the 18th. I don’t want to hammer out the details here, but I have an idea and if it works: PICTURES!!

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