The end is near!

Day Six!


I’m very proud to be at row 35 on this. It’s out of 54 for the main body and then the flap, of course. I get the joy of chaining 151 and making straps. What fun! But I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. Anyway, I aim to have the main body piece complete by Sunday. And, I can knock out the strap in one day [possibly a couple of hours depending how many times I mess up], and the flap shouldn’t be too hard. Or too time consuming. Day Six was fairly productive. Got my shirt about 3/4s of the way done, still need to add the facing to the arms, neck and hem, and fix the hemming on one of the armholes. I also need to construct my circle skirt. I’m considering stitching two 1 inch pieces of elastic, in lieu of actually going to Walmart for a legit 2 inch elastic. In theory it should work about the same.

But tonight, I’m relaxing. Might start playing with my clay. Or maybe I’ll just sit here and wish I could fall asleep. What ever comes first, I suppose.




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