So pleased; but my hands hurt xD

It’s 1:32AM and I’m on row 45. At this point I’m a little concerned I may not have enough pink Vanna’s Choice yarn, which means I may have to go to Montgomery [a 30 minutes drive]. Ah well, I think it’ll be okay. Even if I have to go, I’ll be okay. Tomorrow I should be able to crank out 2 more rotations.

As for my Saint Augustine outfit, I’m going to add some lace to the bottom and I want to think of how to add just a LITTLE bit of body to it. The lace gives it bit more flair, but I want a little more. It looks mildly dull to me. The shirt looks okay, I guess. I got the wings on the side to go away and made it look a little more tapered. Not as fitted as I’d like, but it’s okay. I’m a little obsessed with it at the moment. I keep wanting to work on it more tonight, but it’s 1:37AM and I need to sleep at some point, y’know? I just really didn’t want to go to bed with out making progress on my Challenge. Tomorrow I get to finish the main piece, and start the lining and maybe by Tuesday I’ll have it done and I can spend a couple of days beading and stuff. Or, maybe even finish my In Castiel We Trust  embroidery. 😀


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