Update on ze projects. [heartbreak]

I finished my Saint Augustine outfit and I’ve been working on it fairly consistently since about 10am. So that puts about 10 hours of sewing today. And it’s disappointing. It is. I am just so disappointed. I mean, I don’t think it came out AWFUL per se, or even unwearable. But, it upsets me. But, to be fair, it was the first time I’ve sewn ANYTHING in about 5 or 6 months [yikes!]. And it was my first shirt, but it was SUPPOSED to be a Tanktop. Like, what it is even now? Really.

But, ah well. I guess I’m swearing off designing my own clothes and I’m going to try to learn from patterns. I guess you have to know the rules before you can break them. I’ll post pictures tomorrow, as the photos I got tonight upon completion look awful. Flash is sin, but I had to use it or everything was orange [due to the fixtures]. I’ll take a couple of pictures tomorrow in the natural light.

What did I learn today? I learned that the over-locking foot can’t do the zigzag stitch. I learned this by breaking the crap out of the foot and alarming my boyfriend by the noise. I also learned, on a good note, that the over-locking foot is good for quarter inch seam allowances, which I guess are my preferred allowances.

I suppose no one really hops on a sewing machine and starts to crank out beautiful dressing, quickly learns how to draft a bodice. But I’m a little put out, and highly considering staying away from designing my own clothes for a bit, and just learn from patterns. I do have some rather cute dress, skirt and bag patterns that I’m too afraid to touch because there’s so much I don’t understand, but with the challenge of working without directions out of the way I feel like I can tackle a project with a fixed set of directions.

And, I haven’t touched my Challenge today, I got so caught up in my sewing that I lost track of time. I’m probably going to knock out about 10 rows tonight. If I’m very patient. xD

6 thoughts on “Update on ze projects. [heartbreak]

      • I think it can be useful to use patterns to begin with, while you get a feel for the way things go together. Patterns will often indicate which skill level they are aimed at (beginner, intermediate, advanced) – or some are labeled easy / very easy, so go with what you feel comfortable with (or if you only have a day to throw an outfit together don’t pick up something too complicated looking!). Once you have patterns for basic tops / skirts / trousers / whatever you can start to customise those – changing from a v-neck to a square neck would be a fairly straightforward example – and it is much easier to see how to make the changes to get what you want.
        On the tank-front have you come across Colette’s free Sorbetto pattern? It has been around for a couple of years now and it is universally loved. You can get it here http://www.colettepatterns.com/shop/sorbetto – and if you don’t fancy that from pleat, just use the pleat line on the pattern as the centre front line…

      • Okay, so patterns are the way to go. I’ll probably stick to them for a while since I don’t fancy the insanity that is making your own patterns and such without real direction or knowledge. xD

        That’s a cute top. :3

      • I love Sewaholic patterns but they are expensive. I had a hard time fitting the only Colette pattern I have tried. I am currently trying out Deer and Doe. I like indie companies best but I have had good luck with Vogue patterns. Burda patterns I find lacking in good instructions.

      • I’ve heard of Deer and Doe, probably because the “craft” store here is Walmart. All we have here is Simplicity and Vogue, vogue of course is a little more expensive, so I stay away from those. I am guilty of buying a Vogue pattern but I’m saving because I think it’d be a little too complex for my beginner status [which is really sad, because it’s SO cute]. I hadn’t even looked at Burda Patterns, really. But I’ll keep that in mind and maybe play with them when I have more know-how. :3

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