[Haul!] All of this for how much? :D

  I got my lazy self up and drove to the thrift shop, about 5 miles away, and of course I stopped for gas. I customarily will fill up when I hit half a tank. My grandfather, who gave me my car, taught me that. Anyway, I went to the thrift shop and I was actually there for summer clothing. What did I leave with? 

   2 bags of fabric [little inconsistent fabric blends, fortunately, the ones that I bought the bags for had the most], 2 skirts [the white one, I think would look charming as a peplum mini skirt] and 4 pattern [a One Hour Dress Pattern, A hobo bag pattern, a pattern with like 6 shirts, and gathered skirt]. 

  And it was all only eleven bucks.  Oh, and I almost forgot, a pair of Xacto pinking shears. For one dollar. I snatched them up. In the end, I didn’t find anything that I thought would be useful for my clay-play. I found some really unpleasant feeling yarn, and even as cheap as it was, it wasn’t worth it. Summer clothing was a flop, but I got craft stuff. :3

15 thoughts on “[Haul!] All of this for how much? :D

    • I adore thrift shops! You can always find super cute clothes, or clothes that can be modified. Goodwill is my safe haven. Anywhere where there’s affordable clothing is fantastic. And sometimes I can find stuff for my house in Goodwills and such too :3

    • I was so happy. And I’m even happier now that I looked at the retail price for my patterns. Two retailed for about 16 bucks and the other McCalls was 19. I was like “Oh my gosh” since they all cost .25 cents xD

      We have a couple cool ones here, But I think I need to go find some better ones. The ones here don’t often have crafting stuff :c

      • *claps* yaa!! I just bought a couple of patterns on eBay that I’m saving for a few months until I’m more experienced. The patterns are both out of print.

      • Me neither, bro. I’m so frugal it’s crazy. Like, for some things even 5 dollars is too much. And I’m like, “Eh, I’ll wait”.I should probably start scoping Ebay. If I had enough Patterns I’d probably participate in a Pattern Swap, because I keep seeing people mention them on her xD

    • I’m going to, that’s for sure. I’m actually considering making a scrap skirt with some of the fabric. I’ve never done anything like that, so it’d be a good challenge. 😀

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