Bi-Weekly Project; Plan for main and Side Project

I’m going to start the project tomorrow, most likely at the very least buy my fabric and perhaps get the dress cut out. It’s going to be this;


   My classes started and I have some busy days ahead. Tomorrow after work, I get to drive 60 miles to to go to my school for my books. While I’m there I’m going to run by the fabric store and pick up some decent fabric. I feel terrible putting it off until tomorrow, but I am still so worn out from the road trip and all of that. I don’t know why I’m so ungodly tired, but I guess it’s what I get for running like crazy with little sleep for a full week. 

  But I promise, I’m sticking by my commitment. This time my side project is going to be a crochet project to help me pass time at work….when I’m not studying. Crap. Well…I’ll crochet intermittently.  

 Also, I’m considering updating my About me page to include my fuzzy companions. But I’m not 100% Sure. I’ll be looking for a crochet pattern, possibly a shirt or something. I’ve not made a piece of crochet clothing yet…`

Considering THIS as my crochet pattern for my side project, when I’m not studying. xD


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