Biweekly Progress; Change of plans

I chickened out of that dress pattern, it was to advanced for what I feel like I’m ready for. I chose a skirt pattern from my stash that I quite like and that I think will go famously for the fall. Or the summer. Whatever we have here in Alabama this Winter.


Today I managed to get the front pinned out and cut, and I cut the waistband out. I was working on the bed, since the PIggers were running around the floor and I didn’t want to take up valuable piggy exploration space.

I forgot how painful pinning fabric is–not to the fingers or anything like that, but to the back. Yeowch. My back hurts something fierce. But, I’ll get this project knocked out and hopefully I’ll make the shirt too, that’s on the pattern. But in the interest of school work and work-work, I’ll put the top as a solid maybe for a side project. Or, I’ll do the shirt for the next challenge.

I died a little, but I didn’t stop. I promise.


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