Biweekly Project Four; The project so far

So, this is my first time working with a Chart, and not having a written pattern. I have to say, it’s weird. One of the symbols wasn’t defined, and I emailed the chart to a woman who’s got a blog that goes through the symbols, and she wasn’t sure either. I eventually decided to work the corners like the pentacle. But I decided that after I had already done 2 spots really odd with like 5 DCs in the space, in between the two post DCs.

Oh well.

Anyway, I’m up to row three, and it’s going to be so small. I wish I had the hook that’s like .15mm larger than the one I’m using. But I don’t. I’ll probably work this a couple more times with larger yarn and hooks. But, I do like the Crochet thread. I picked a nice rich purple, and I like it. I just kind of wish I had gone with the silver i had looked at. I would have much preferred to work with Gold, because symbollically speaking, it represents Air. Which is my favorite Element. I would lie to do this project 4 times, each in a color representing one of the four corners.

Gold- Air
Green- Earth
Red- Fire
Blue- Water

I want to say that I’ll work one for each sabbat, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I’m at work at the moment, and I guess our Network Admin blocked dropbox, so I can’t get the pictures off of my phone. I’ll upload when I get home. :3


Biweekly Project Four; I think I need help ;-;


 K, so I understand the Chaining and the DC. Yeah. BUT. What about those strange symbols in the corner? If the pentacle itself is all DC all the time, why wouldn’t it be the same for these filled in squares? I think  they are worked through the two chain space, which makes sense given the weird shape of the chains, but what is that symbol entailing? It doesn’t look like a puff in the finished images online and I’m kind of lost. If I can’t figure it out I’ll probably just work it without the corners filled in :c



Biweekly Project Four; Decision

I think I’ve decided to crochet myself an Altar Cloth…Since I’ve been redoing my B.o.S. and reacquainting myself with my Tarot cards [along with collecting a couple more decks]… I’m not going to post too much about my religion on this blog. If you want to learn about it, you can follow this. Anyway, it’s kind of a lacy filet thing and I rather like it. I think I’l end up taking some gold embroidery thread and attaching a piece of black fabric behind it.

I’m not sure what type of yarn I’ll use for it, but I’m going to Walmart after I get off work to choose some. I may try to work it with my E hook and some lightweight yarn, it calls for Thread. But I don’t think I’m ready for that yet. :c

See the pattern here

I think the only other project that I’ll do in regards to my beliefs will be a couple of Tarot bags to hold my cards. But that should be the last of it. I’m actually looking forward to the tarot bags. As it stands, I have to make 3. Should be easy, as soon as I find the right fabric. I may do each one with different fabric, and my main deck will have a draw string closure, with the other two using buttons. :3

Now, I’m going to go write an essay. I have 7 more hours to kill at work. :c [And I got here half an hour early :c]

Biweekly Project Four; Ideas

I’m still seeking ideas for my Fourth Project. Normally I would KNOW what I want to do. But, right now I’m so indecisive. Here are things I want to do:

This Knit Scarf

This Knit Cowl [I’m lacking circular needles of that size. but isn’t it pretty?]

This Stockholm Scarf Pattern Considering doing this, but as a long scarf… But Idk.

Newsboy Cap Crochet This is the most likely, since I want a hat…. I’ll decide tomorrow when I go to walmart. I swear, I’ll go in and come out with an idea of my fourth project.

Pinterest Roundup One.

Round up One

Braided Bead Bracelet How to– I’m putting this in the post because I’ve had this idea and I did it the hard way. This way looks about 5837873 times easier. Now I know, and I’ll do it this way next time. :3

Different Way to Use Sachet Yarn– I sort of like this more than they super-duper flouncy scarves. I’ll have to do this at some point.

Upcycled Ruffled Dress– Not for me any time soon, but if you can do it; you should. It’s super cute.

Rice Crispy Smores– I want these so bad. Do you have any idea how much weight I would gain?

Fall Shirt Dress– Kind of similar to the Upcycled dress, but not enough to keep me from posting this one too. I may have to do this one, it doesn’t involve ruffles XD

Going to start adding a new type of content :D

For me anyway. I keep seeing people posting things like “10 _________ ideas” or “Nifty doodads for ________________” with a collage and links included and all of this stuff. I’ll start doing that, too and perhaps it’ll we a weekly Roundup of some the best stuff I’ve seen of pinterest in the last few days.



I like that. Anyway, I’m still mulling over my next project. I kind of want another sewing project, but that would be involve taking out my sewing machine and cleaning the table again. And let’s face it….I’m kind of noncommittal. I may start trying to master the Russian Spiral again, or a different beading technique since that totally kicked my face in last time I tried it. I’ll let you know, hopefully tonight. Or tomorrow. I’m off work tomorrow, so I may. But I don’t know. As soon as I do know, you’ll know. You know?

Be on the look out for little inspiration posts here and there . 😀


– Wynn

Biweekly Update; Project Three Complete?

I’m going to call this Complete, but only because I followed the pattern basically to a T. I did 24 rows, which was probably one more than the pattern called for. I used a hook larger to account for my absolute terrible tendency to ignore gauge insofar. I have arm warmers. ARM. WARMERS. They were supposed to keep my LEGS toasty. What is this nonsense? I’ll updating tomorrow at some point with my next project. It could be something like learning a new beading technique, or Clay or even Calligraphy.

Hopefully I’ll know by tomorrow. :3