Biweekly Challenge; More disappointment

  So, I’m going to pin and cut out the back of my skirt while I’m work, since it’s a holiday and it’s going to b so slow, right? That was the plan. But, guess what. I forgot my straight pins. I have my fabric in the car, the pattern piece in the car…the SCISSORS. But no pins. What.

  Was I even thinking? Maybe my head was muddled, but I don’t have ANY crafty things with me because that was going to take a while and I didn’t want to split my attention. Now I’m upset and disappointed. I’m still going to get that done, however. When I get home at 4 I’ll get on it, because I NEED to get this project done. I’ve been doing so much school work I just need an outlet. I’m just super upset that I forgot my pins. :c


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