Biweekly Progress; Seams!

This morning, I got the Stay-Stitching at the top of the skirt done, and the center seams. As added pride, I managed to get on my sewing machine today. Go me! Now it’s set up and I have no excuse. The Side seams don’t quite match up….I mean I guess it makes sense looking at the style, but it looks odd… :c [LINK] I just checked and the pattern paper front and back don’t match perfectly on the side seams. Maybe it’s just not supposed to?

Tonight I’m going to Press the seams open and clip them a bit. Might do the side seams tomorrow, too. Depending. I suppose the uneven side seams MIGHT look better once I hem the skirt. But I dunno….I wasn’t expecting it to be 100% PERFECT, since I’m….unskilled. But, my god. keeping seams straight is a pain. The seams are 5/8″ and jesus. :c

At least I’m doing it, I guess. Practice makes perfect and I just have a long [long long long long long] way to go. :c

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