Consideration [seeking ideas!]

 So, as some of you may know from reading the About page, I’m a photographer among other things. I’m considering putting my name out as a photographer and maybe opening a business. My first step, is getting my name out and making an impression; but I’m nervous.

It’s a big step, moving towards something I’ve been considering for 2 years or longer. I would love to be confident in my photographic abilities, I mean, I know I’m not bad. In fact, when I try, I’m pretty good. But am I good enough to make a profit? For some reason I don’t think so. I want to. And I want to do something I’d enjoy. I’ve been adamantly against working just for money. My happiness and mental health is 10x more important than money. [don’t lecture me]

I’m thinking about going to an Art institute. Getting a bachelors or associates in Business, and bachelors in photography, while simultaneously exploring artistic electives in the school I ultimately attend.

 So, my first step; ordering my business cards that say PHOTOGRAPHER. But I’m apprehensive. It’s such a small step! And it only costs 10 dollars. And I’ll host my site here on good ole WordPress, for ease of updating and all that jazz. I kind of like a bloggy layout. It’s personable. BUT I CAN’T FIGURE OUT A LAYOUT. 

I DON’T KNOW WHAT PHOTOS TO PUT ON THE FIRST PAGE. Maybe I should wait until I get a client [what a weird word] and then put those up on my home page? Since with WP it’s a blog on the home page….I wonder if you pay….if you can change that?

Anyway, TL;DR

  1. I’m trying to be a photographer and get my name out. I want to buy business cards but I’m too nervous to finalize it.
  2. WordPress hosted site? But how would I start?

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