Biweekly Project; Update!

K, so I’ll admit I haven’t been the best of girls this 2 week span. But in my meager defense, school work and studying for math to get myself out of the remedial class range. But, I have been working on it and plan to finish it either tomorrow or Monday when I get off work. :3

Today, I pressed my center seams and did two lines, one on each side of my seam at 1/4″, because I’m paranoid. I feel like I screwed  up because I derped really hard and equated Stitch length with tension. I figured out my mistake for the back, but the front has stitches 4.0 with the tension at like 3 or 4. Then the back has stitches at 2.5 with tension at 5. I’m disappoint. But it’s kind of early and I’m still a beginner.

I got my side seams pinned and if not for boyfriend wanting me to play minecraft I would sew the sides right now, but I’ll get that tonight and the yoke ready. Then before I retire this evening I’ll most likely get the main skirt pinned to the yoke. I’ll be updating this gallery, most likely.

Guys I am so sorry for the lack of updates. I haven’t forgotten; just been studying. :C

PS; next paycheck I’m considering buying an actual domain with wordpress 😀

UPDATE; I pinned my yoke to the skirt after doing my side seams. BUT I KEPT SCREWING UP AND SOMEHOW DOING WEIRD STUFF WITH MY YOKE. I’ll try again tomorrow. I’m kind of heart broken but making some great progress. :3

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