Biweekly Project; One step left. It is currently wearable =D

Finally got the bulk done on this project and I’m proud! Tomorrow morning I’m going to do the hems, because I have homework to get to today.  I’m gonna go ahead and call this one complete, because it is wearable at the moment [obviously]. I couldn’t have picked a better fabric for this project if I had tried, seriously. That fabric is completely perfect.

I love this skirt and I’m so happy that the weird seams worked out for me. I thought they looked odd, but I guess it was supposed to look like that.

What did I learn?

  • I’m not certain if I did the whole attaching the yoke to the skirt, and the casing to the yoke. But I figured out a way that it looked pretty and it looks right.
  • I started to get straighter seams there after the mid point. Hoorah!
  • I learned the right way how to make an elastic casing.
  • How to actually complete a sewing patterns
  • How to consult directions every 15 minutes
  • How to rip seams A LOT.

Now I actually have a skirt i can wear! I am so happy and I’m planning to wear it to work tomorrow after I get that annoying hemming process underway and completed. 😀


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