Biweekly project three; the colors [starting the project]


Going to be working the body in the nice dark brown and I’m going to change colors to cream when I get to the shells 😀

Haven’t found my buttons yet. Well I did… but Walmart only had one set of them and I need two. Ah well, I’ll keep an eye out for my buttons. I’ll know them when I see them, I guess.

I’m starting this project today, so I’ll set my completion date for the 24th. Just for my records since when I edit patterns [I mostly decide I want them to be longer or shorter so I adjust the chains] I always forget what I did. So, I’m going to make the pattern start with 63 chains, because for some reason I’m paranoid that the odd number is important in the shelling. I want to figure out how to make them flare around the ankle, but I don’t suppose it’s too important really. So I’ll not stress about it. Might post pictures of my progress this evening, since I’m much better at posting updates with crochet projects xD

Project Link Here


6 thoughts on “Biweekly project three; the colors [starting the project]

    • mm-hmm. The original pattern didn’t call for different colors, but I really think the shells should be an accent color. :3

      I’m horrid at gauging how much materials I’ll need, so I probably overshot by a lot. If I have enough left over I’ll probably make some elbow length fingerless gloves to go with these. 😀

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