eek! I won something!

I participated in @Yarnchick40 yarn giveaway and I am so thrilled that I won. Like…..The yarn is SO pretty.

I guess that click that to see 😀 [the word pretty, by the way]

I’m super psyched because I never win anything. I think I missed her first email, but luckily she tried again. I wonder why I didn’t get notified? Ah well. I answered her and all is well now :3



Today I’m reading the odyssey, trying to finish it so I can take a test on it tonight [I’ve been….naughty as far as my reading goes. :c] I’m mostly skimming and doing my power journal, but I’m fairly confident in my googling abilities should I get stuck. I got to row 14 last night and I’m going to try to get to 20 today. These 60-some-odd DC are killing me, but I am super happy how it’s working up so fast. :3


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