Biweekly Update; This just in!

The initial 23 chains isn’t enough to wrap around my calf….Don’t know how to feel about that, since I’m using a slightly larger hook I guess I expected it to fit me as is. But my calves are muscly from working as a waitress. :c

since I upped the chains to 63, I think I’ll increase my rows to like 27? It may overlap a bit, but I think it’ll be okay.

currently I finished row 23 and it looks like this;


EDIT; 27 won’t be enough either, I just finished 26 and no dice. Looks like I need maybe 4 more rows to close the gap on my calf. So it might have to be 30 rows. Holy christ.


PS; If anyone is wondering where I got the progress bar from, it’s from here.


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