Possibilities… hm.

  I’m looking into yet another new hobby, and since I got the majority of my workload done in my homework [just a couple more pages of writing to do, but my hands about to fall off, so I’m taking a break] I may just indulge myself. I’m tempted to either…

  1. Go to Walmart and buy myself some Calligraphy markers to play with
  2. Go to the thrift shop and see what kind of fabric goody bags they’ve got [I also need pants]
  3. Harass my boyfriend into helping me with my dress form [we’re making on with the duct tape technique…if I can EVER remember]

Pretty much I’ll do two of those. One of the top two and my freebie [the dress form]. But what do I want to do? New hobby, or indulge myself in the glorious wonders that are Thrift Shopping? 

Tonight I get to weave my first leg warmer together and start the second one. I’m HOPEFULLY getting to a row between 8 and 10…Or maybe 10. Depending on how long I can keep myself from my playing video games. xD

4 thoughts on “Possibilities… hm.

    • very much so! I actually bought the Calligraphy markers, just now i have NO idea whatsoever to do with them. At least I have them for when I figure it out. xD

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