Well, that’s done.

As an added incentive I purchased my domain name….The only thing I can conceive of being different is that you guys can send emails to “wynn@wynnofalltrades.com” and well, obviously now I have a nice big “.com” going on up there. I like how it looks, but I’m not entirely sure it was worth it. I mean, but really as far as incentive goes.

Also, I bought my Cartridge calligraphy set since the markers weren’t authentic enough for me. Check me out, new stuff going on and all. Just a quick update on the now. I’ll post some pictures of the crochet project tomorrow when I get off work. For right now though, I’m going to go to sleep and read Oedipus.

I will however say that these shorter leg warmers are going to build up really fast and I’m loving it. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe I’ll get the first one up to the shells, or perhaps even finished tomorrow. Depending on how busy work gets.

I’ll also say that I wish that WordPress would allow us access to at least like, one premium theme when we upgrade to a paid domain. :c

Oh well.

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