Biweekly Update!; I’ve been naughty

I’ve been playing Cube World and not doing too much else, not to fear though I am working on the project, just not quite as avidly as I’d like. You see I haven’t found a video game addiction and it’s weird being so into a game. I’ve lost a lot of hours with it so far.

I finished the first legwarmer, but have yet to weave it in. I’m saving that for the absolute last step after I finish the second one. I’ve been bad, dear followers, but I haven’t stopped completely.

There. Proof that I have the first one completed with 24 rows plus HUMONGOUS shells. And also that I started the second Leg warmer. See?

OH. Also. I got the yarn that I won in the mail and i’m considering projects to do with it. Super excited. :3

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