Biweekly Update; Words of Promise[Updating this with pics!]

To free up my evening for finishing up my legwarmers, I brought my laptop to work and nothing else. I’m getting on my homework for the week and tonight I’ll crochet til my little hands fall off. I just need to find something to watch on Netflix, since i finished Buffy last night [totally hate how Spike dies though. I cried.]. I never did buy my buttons, which is A-OK.I may just make some small bows to put on them in that super White color, that I at first thought was beige or off-white [But nope. Blinding white].

Last night I got up to like…8 or 9. A far cry from the 10 or 11 I was aiming for. I’ll get my butt in gear, I promise. Right after I finish these two Music Appreciation quizzes and get my goofy and over-zealous self home. I’ll be posting at like…..8 or 9 tonight with the finished product and announcing my next ONE PART project. I’m considering taking up Knitting again, but keep in mind it’s merely consideration at this point.

I have so many things I want to do and make. It’s going to be hard to choose my next project. Yet I’m thinking about a nice [slightly] slouchy hat. :3

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