Going to start adding a new type of content :D

For me anyway. I keep seeing people posting things like “10 _________ ideas” or “Nifty doodads for ________________” with a collage and links included and all of this stuff. I’ll start doing that, too and perhaps it’ll we a weekly Roundup of some the best stuff I’ve seen of pinterest in the last few days.



I like that. Anyway, I’m still mulling over my next project. I kind of want another sewing project, but that would be involve taking out my sewing machine and cleaning the table again. And let’s face it….I’m kind of noncommittal. I may start trying to master the Russian Spiral again, or a different beading technique since that totally kicked my face in last time I tried it. I’ll let you know, hopefully tonight. Or tomorrow. I’m off work tomorrow, so I may. But I don’t know. As soon as I do know, you’ll know. You know?

Be on the look out for little inspiration posts here and there . 😀


– Wynn

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