Biweekly Project Four; Decision

I think I’ve decided to crochet myself an Altar Cloth…Since I’ve been redoing my B.o.S. and reacquainting myself with my Tarot cards [along with collecting a couple more decks]… I’m not going to post too much about my religion on this blog. If you want to learn about it, you can follow this. Anyway, it’s kind of a lacy filet thing and I rather like it. I think I’l end up taking some gold embroidery thread and attaching a piece of black fabric behind it.

I’m not sure what type of yarn I’ll use for it, but I’m going to Walmart after I get off work to choose some. I may try to work it with my E hook and some lightweight yarn, it calls for Thread. But I don’t think I’m ready for that yet. :c

See the pattern here

I think the only other project that I’ll do in regards to my beliefs will be a couple of Tarot bags to hold my cards. But that should be the last of it. I’m actually looking forward to the tarot bags. As it stands, I have to make 3. Should be easy, as soon as I find the right fabric. I may do each one with different fabric, and my main deck will have a draw string closure, with the other two using buttons. :3

Now, I’m going to go write an essay. I have 7 more hours to kill at work. :c [And I got here half an hour early :c]


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