Biweekly Project Four; The project so far

So, this is my first time working with a Chart, and not having a written pattern. I have to say, it’s weird. One of the symbols wasn’t defined, and I emailed the chart to a woman who’s got a blog that goes through the symbols, and she wasn’t sure either. I eventually decided to work the corners like the pentacle. But I decided that after I had already done 2 spots really odd with like 5 DCs in the space, in between the two post DCs.

Oh well.

Anyway, I’m up to row three, and it’s going to be so small. I wish I had the hook that’s like .15mm larger than the one I’m using. But I don’t. I’ll probably work this a couple more times with larger yarn and hooks. But, I do like the Crochet thread. I picked a nice rich purple, and I like it. I just kind of wish I had gone with the silver i had looked at. I would have much preferred to work with Gold, because symbollically speaking, it represents Air. Which is my favorite Element. I would lie to do this project 4 times, each in a color representing one of the four corners.

Gold- Air
Green- Earth
Red- Fire
Blue- Water

I want to say that I’ll work one for each sabbat, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I’m at work at the moment, and I guess our Network Admin blocked dropbox, so I can’t get the pictures off of my phone. I’ll upload when I get home. :3


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