Biweekly Update; Winter Scarf Progress + Thought

  I made some progress on my scarf today, and managed to complete the second purple block and begin the third blue. I also got the yarn into ball formation. Image

  It’s a bit early for speculation, but perhaps this ISN’T enough yarn to do what I want it to. I’m considering selling this completed item on my shop, too. Maybe tying these two things together. I’m not sure, but I think I want to do a different style for MY scarf. I suppose this will be super toasty once it’s done though. Probably won’t sell it for a lot since the materials wouldn’t justify that. Might total up to about 10 or 15 bucks. Depending. I’m not entirely certain. 

   I really want to make Goddess Pendants from clay and maybe stick’em on a beaded necklace. I have ideas. Lots of ideas. Along with Filet crochet ideas, and resin ideas, and so many things I can do with engraving and stamping. I mean, my god.. 

 I need to make my candle holders, and my altar cloth. And some beaded things. Omg. I’m so overwhelmed with different ideas and projects and…. My cards keep telling me slow down with all of the stuff I do. Because, I’m trying to get back into poetry and writing. I have too many interests. : |



Side Project Promotion to Biweekly Project Six

  So, this lovely scarf I’m working on is going to be my next biweekly project. I’m going to aim to have it done by AT THE LATEST Monday, November 11. By that time, I should have it completed and be able to practice metal stamping, or clay or resin molds. One project at a time. I’ll be starting another embroidery project.

  If you’ve not seen my current progress on the Winter Scarf, Sir Yarns A Lot, here it is; 

  Ideally, this project will consume both yarns. I want it to be LONG. really long. I don’t have a really long, really toasty scarf. And, that my friends, is going to change. Also, be looking forward to more video blogs. Because sometimes, I think those are better for updates on progress of certain things that perhaps text/images won’t be able to accurately portray. 😀

Biweekly Update; I stand defeated + Haul

After this project, I Stand defeated. This beading thing, as simplistic as it looked, was a bit outside of my attention span. I kept messing up my color sequence. I stand completely defeated. This project period, I was able to learn how to make Paracord Bracelets. I ALMOST had the Spiral down, but screwed up. Almost had it about 5 times before I got confused and opted to start over.

I don’t have anything to show for this failure, save for a bit of progress on my Scarf side project.


I also got some of my crafty stuff, I’m waiting for my Molds still.  Also, please excuse that plate. xD

I got my Metal Stamps, fabric scraps [yes, I’m addicted to scraps. but why?] and my Micro Engraver. I HAVE NO UNGODLY IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH THE ENGRAVER. Like, maybe use it on my clay stuff? Or on my Crystal necklaces? Or engrave certain resin pieces? I have no idea, like I have ideas. But no solid ones. Tomorrow, before I go to work I may try to start an easy beading thing like perhaps a daisy chain or a braided something. I still need to make my mod podge. And auajgdhdfd

I offer my sincerest apologies. I have been bested. I think my downfall was jumping between Tutorials. The first one, I nearly got it down. And then I changed my information. Maybe I’ll tackle this one again one day, after I’m all practiced up.

Check this out, guys!

   So, this is just something I want to share with you guys that I found this evening. I found this neat little tutorial on Screen Printing on the cheap with ModPodge. It looks super easy. 😀

 Also, Super Cute Sewing Tutorials!


  Today my resin came today, I got the EasyCast 8 oz set. And I can’t wait to use it. I’m considering making little bezels out of Polymer clay and seeing how they turn out. I get to learn how to coat clay in resin [for long lasting-ness] and then do my doming stuff to it. As you’ll recall, maybe, I’ve attempted Resin Pendants before. This’ll be a first making all the stuff myself [by “all the stuff” I mean the bezel, mixing the Resin and figuring out what goes in my pendant]. So it’ll be a fun little thing for me to try. 😀

Biweekly Update; Maybe I got dis?

So far, today, I’ve managed to try the Russian Spiral. What you see is my first valiant attempt. It actually looks like a spiral. I think I managed to, for the most part, figure this pattern out. I’m aiming to get a bracelet done with this pattern…But I’m not entirely sure. But, I’m proud. It looks like a spiral. This pattern is weird looking as your work it. But I managed to get a spiral tubey thing. So, I’m feeling mildly accomplished.

Also, I made my paracord bracelet. I didn’t measure it, as per my normal misguided judgement. And, as expected it came out shorted than I needed. The Square knots didn’t make it to the other side. It came out about 2 inches short, knot-wise. In the picture it’s only about an inch or so, but that’s because I slid the knots down to cover space. I’ll…get it right next time I’ll get it right. Maybe.   I hope.

The point is that I kind of figured out the Spiral, and I got the paracord bracelet figure out [aside from the measurement aspect]. But I got the burning the ends down and tying knots. So, yay me! A super huge yay for the spiral. I kind of grasped it, so I’m feeling accomplished. I kind of want to make my ModPodge, but I really have no idea why I even want the stuff.

I didn’t get my yarn yesterday, because I’m trying to be conservative right now so I can pay off all my bills and junk.  I may end up making a cowl or something with that. Like, make a button hole and have a big chunky cowl/collar/neck brace. Or something. I’m not terribly sure.

Side Project Update; Sir Yarns a Lot


My scarf is coming along well, and the only thing I’m unhappy about in regards to my pretty denim blue wrappy thing, is that it is positively EATING yarn. I’m kind of half way through my yarn and maybe 1/5 or even 1/8 through the scarf. I want this beast to be LONG. And I don’t know why. Well, it works out, kind of. I was wanting to add another color to it. Maybe make it Silver and have a Ravenclaw themed scarf. I’m thinking two striped on either end, and silver tassels? If I choose to do it as my mind pictures, I can’t do anything else on it til tomorrow when I go to Walmart [or Gamestop more appropriately to pick up a game I have on Pre-order.]

  Or I could always work it entirely in blue and add silver to the bottom or even just have silver fringe. I dunno. Really, I’d like a long scarf, but I wouldn’t scoff at a Cowl. Tomorrow, I’m going to start attempting the Russian Spiral. I’m a bit doubtful approaching this one, really. It’s defeated me 4 times at this point. So long as I complete my Access Project, start my extra credit essay for Religion, and get my bit of Lit reading done this week, I’ll be happy. I just got my music quizzes out of the way, which gives me one less thing to worry about. Tomorrow, I may start trying with my Paracord. I’m curious to try it now, but it’s almost eleven o’clock and I need to go to work tomorrow. And wake up in time to get some crack….. Er… Coffee from the local coffee shop. 

  Anyway, I went on a thing. I do that, and I ramble. Tomorrow, I’ll be;

  1.   Getting More yarn for my Side Project
  2. Getting my teeth kicked in by my beading project
  3. crawling in defeat to my Paracord venture
  4. Making my homemade ModPodge. 
  5. Doing Homeowork!! YAY! :C
  6. Posting Progress, of course.

 There. A list for tomorrow.