Biweekly Project Four; How goes it?

  It goes. Minutely. And by that, I mean it’s SMALL. 8.5 inches long at the bottom. I’m at row 13 and it’s not even 3 inches. I predict that this isn’t even going to be big enough to hold even a three card reading. but it’s okay. I’m planning to go Yarn hunting for bigger yarn to make this with. Like, I’m not even mad that it’s SO SMALL. 

  I’ll just do it again, and primarily, this was a learning exercise. I didn’t know how to read charts. They were scary. I was going to do a chart project for the next challenge, because I thought it was high time to learn. When I announced them project, I had only seen that it had a Ravelry page and a free pattern and I was like “YES!” but then I looked, after I announced it, and saw that it was a chart. [oh no!] And I saw that it had some weird symbol [Oh goddess no!]. But I got it sorted. Finally.

 So, when I make this one again [probably right on the tails of this one, since it’s going so much more quickly than I thought it would], I’ll make it bigger. Afterwards I’ll start on my Poofy news boy hat that I’ve been coveting. The yarn I’m tentatively saving for that one, is my Super-Duper Eye-Stabbingly Bright White. But, since it is so Eye-Stabby, I may not. I’m on the fence. 

  And I can’t post pictures at work, for whatever reason so I’ll update this with a gallery when I get home. :3


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