Biweekly Project Four; Status Complete

I completed this project early. I started the project, officially on the 28th of September. And began working on it on the 29th. Oh yeah, early completion. My god do my hands hurt like hell. Most of my fingers are cramped. But, finally finished. It’s small. Pretty sure it’s too small to even do a simple reading with my cards. But maybe my runes? Perhaps it’ll hold a candle or two, once I make my holders. >>

Filet lace takes FOREVER. And this chart was a pain. Just. Ugh. To get away from the wonderful hand cramping joy that is Crochet. My project is going to be hand sewing little bags. Which I mentioned in my last post. It’s going to incorporate Hand stitching and Embroidery. My mothers’ is gong to have a gold dragonfly on her bag, because she’s always favored Dragonflies. Really no deeper than that. Gonna research sturdy hand stitching techniques so that the bags last. I’m thinking it’s fairly simple to make them. Gotta figure out how to hand sew buttonholes. so I can make them with drawstring closures. I have a theory, but I’m not sure if it’ll work the way I think. I do have all of my materials together. Fabric, Lace, Needles, Embroidery stuff…Now I get to research.

What have I learned?

  1.  I learned how to read a simple Crochet chart, but not, however, how to not skip random stitches along the line.
  2. How to use the Crochet thread, and that I like it. Aside from the AMAZING AMOUNT OF TIME that it takes.
  3. How to count stitches, but not well.
  4. Something about basic charts nearly to the point where I THINK I can design super simplistic charts.

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