Biweekly Project Four; Update!

  This project is still going, and it is going in a painstaking sort of way. My fingers hurt from navigating the hook through 6 rows so far this morning. I have Seven more rows to go and the patterns coming together. EXCEPT I made a mistake SOMEWHERE. And the top point is somewhat off center. I don’t know WHERE I messed up, but somewhere along some line I missed one or two DCs and it’s served to throw my stuff off kilter. Frick.

  I was too lazy to go rip the pattern back, which is a real shame. But, I’ll keep it and learn from it, and if nothing else it can serve as the absolute first thing on my altar. My next order of business is going to be Tarot bags. Six of them. Five for my various decks, and one for my mother. I am trying as hard as I can to talk myself out of buying The Alchemy deck, Shadowscapes, Either of the lovely Paulina decks, Thoth, Archeon, or the Llewellyn deck. I know….I have my eyes on a lot of different decks. I did bid on one Paulina deck, Archeon [because I’m love with the Justice card], and the Llewellyn decks. But like, there’s no guarantee. Even though I hope I do get them.  Ebay is terrible, kiddies.

  Anyway, I got so far off topic. Back on topic, I have 20 out of 27 rows and already looking to start my next multipart part project this weekend or even as early as tomorrow. 


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