Biweekly [Multipart] Project 5; Tarot Bags 2/9

I began making tarot bags today, and I have two completed. I made one for the first deck I ever got, The Art of Tarot, because it’s never had a place of its’ own since I did away with it’s box and moved it into a binder, where it’s been cramped and unloved. I put it in it’s new bag and put a piece of Quartz in with it to cleanse it of negativity. Also, because I feel bad for locking it up for so long. Anyway, the first bag;

is for my mother, I recently bought her a Rider-Waite deck for her Birthday and I wanted to make her bag to hold them. That dragonfly is hand embroidered. And I was goofy and decided to embroider it AFTER I did my seams. How redonk. It took FOREVER to do that itty bitty thing. But, thanks to the magical wonder that is Tailors Chalk I had no problem with the design. However, on his tail, I messed up. I was snipping some Gold thread out and cut a hole in the bag. You see, I saved it though, by making it an eyelet. Go me! I made it a traditional draw string bag, and used a cute bit of sheer blue ribbon as closure.

I used a bit of material I had gotten from that thrift shop, I fell in love with it and had no idea what to use it for. It works perfect for my Art of Tarot deck. At first I used Elastic in the band at the top. It was hard to get my cards in that way. And, so, literally like 30 seconds ago, I decided to rip out a couple of side stitches, take out the elastic and add some pretty blue ribbon. I’m so fickle sometimes. I liked the elastic at first, and it was a good idea. But eh. Not for this project.

Tomorrow, or Monday at some point I’ll knock out another bag. My next one will be The Goddess Tarot, and I have the perfect Fabric. I really want to use this fabric for another bag, but I’m not sure which deck. It’s too bright for the Pauline deck. And doesn’t quite mesh with the other decks either. So, I may not use it for another. I’ll go to the thrift shop and see what kind of fabric scraps they have. I’m a bit excited. :3


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