Biweekly Project Five- 3/9 (+1)

I have 3 bags (+1) out of the planned 9, completed. But I have more tarot decks on the way [I’ve not been very good :c]. I’m trying to get  my current ones dressed, so, I’ll stick to the original 9 Bag challenge.  I have that weird plus One thing up there because one of the bags I made wasn’t for Tarot cards, but for my little bitty Crystal collection. I bought some today while boyfriend and I were out and about in Montgomery. That little green bag holds my Gems, and it used up the last of my little bit of ribbon. The little Lacy white bag, is cinched at the top with Elastic, and I think it’ll work for the tiny deck it contains; I bought myself a Mystical Lenormand deck from a little occult store while we explored. I didn’t even measure the deck, I eyeballed and left it in the bedroom while I went to work on the bag. It actually fit. I’m a little pleased. Okay. More than a little pleased.

2013-10-05 20.02.16

For the other bags, I’m going to find some more ribbon. Because, I’m gonna be honest here, I am far too lazy to make the little ties myself. And for sure too lazy to do it with out the little turning doo-dad. When I get one, it’ll be a whole different story. But for the time being… Laziness Prevails. I have some really cool fabric scraps that I’m working with, and I really cannot wait for the fabric I ordered from Ebay to get here. I ordered a 40 piece bag and a 36 piece bag and it only cost me 6 bucks, It should be Here Tuesday and I gotta tell you, I can’t wait. So many little thingies to make. I am buzzing with curiosity and anticipation. No idea what the fabric is, really, but from the pictures the woman posted they’re all these little patterned bright fabrics and miscellaneous fabrics. Which is awesome, by the way. 😀

Completed So far;



22 thoughts on “Biweekly Project Five- 3/9 (+1)

      • Indeed. But hooray for projects! I am all about projects. I have a crafty friend like you who was making me a proper altar cloth until she got terribly sick. Looking around your blog I’m starting to think that crafters are all odd birds, and it wasn’t just her. (in a good way, I mean)

      • I take no offense, trust me. I think Artists in general have a tendency to be a bit odd. Every one I come across is, at least. xD

        You just reminded me that I need to start working on my Altar cloth. I’ll get to it eventually, I’m sure. I hope your friend feels better. Being sick is terrible for the craftiness. :c

  1. I’ll pass along your well-wishes. I know she hates being sick, too. I barely avoided it myself this season, somehow; I felt it coming on several times but I managed to dodge it.

    Getting back on topic though, have you done tarot for very long? Do you actually have a tarot deck for each bag, or is nine just an arbitrary number you decided on?

    • I’ve been reading the cards for about 10 years now, maybe longer if you count my mother and I reading together while I was still in the single digits. I have quite a few decks. Closer to 12 in total, I have a small museum, I guess. But nine is a nice start on making them comfortable. 😀

      • Hmmmm, are you sure you’re not my friend in disguise? XD She grew up reading tarot with her mom too, although I doubt she has 12 decks. She’s also a Dr. Who nerd as well, which I can see you are from your shop. So weird, I don’t remember ordering a replacement…

      • xD

        We artists are a strange bunch with a lot in common it would seem, such a shame I can’t find any in my area. :c

        . The deck you’re using for your challenge is Beautiful. I don’t think I’ve come across that one yet. What is it? 😀

      • It’s the Shadowscapes Tarot deck! It was the only deck I found that made me say “Yes, I want to own this.” It has some flaws; a lot of the pictures are off-center or skewed and the cards are a bit warped, but the artwork is just stunning. Even as a slightly OCD person, the art is good enough to make me not care about what would otherwise be a dealbreaker.

      • That’s one that I’m planning to get at some point, it’s so pretty an I love the colors. It looks like purple is predominant, which I love. I have the Pauline Deck and it’s got a somewhat similar color scheme. Kind of sad about them being off center and warped. With as nice as they are I’d overlook it too. :3

      • Shadowscapes is very reminiscent of the Paulina deck in some ways. It was one of the decks I was looking at when choosing my first deck, and it certainly has some cards in it that I love, but the artwork is a little unpolished for me. I wanted a deck I would never get tired of looking at, because I know this is going to be my only deck for a long time.

        Speaking of time, 10 years doing tarot seems like an unfathomable span to me @ __ @ Do you do readings for friends and stuff, or just for yourself?

      • The Paulina Deck takes some getting used to, to be honest. But I fell in lust with the color schemes and the drawings. I want her Joie De Vivre deck too.

        I primarily read for myself, but I’ve started recently reading for friends who ask. I live in a fairly conservative town so I don’t really advertise my beliefs and my cards and such. I don’t deny it, but I keep it fairly hush hush. Really churchy around here. I would like to read for people though to get my confidence up. But ah well.

      • It’s the same here, my crafty friend is the only person in my personal life who knows I do tarot. If my family found out I’d probably be rushed to the church for an emergency exorcism (I’m exaggerating, but still).

        I think it would be fun to read for friends but I wanted to do tarot for at least a year to make sure I have the card meanings memorized. It would look pretty unprofessional to have to keep looking up the meanings, not to mention the time it would take.

      • Another reason I don’t really read for people. I don’t have the cards down, I never had a deck with the symbolism. I used the “Art of Tarot” which has simple pip cards. It’s hard to read those intuitively.

        I’m about to start the same challenge you’re on, and make it tie in with my Tarot Journal that I’m getting Monday. I’m going to try to ditch the LWB and understand the cards on my own. Luckily, my whole family knows about me [and believe I’m going to hell, aside from my mom and step-dad.] and my boyfriend’s mom knows. His family doesn’t mind, either. But the general public? I’d be lynched. ;-;

      • It’s a hard path for some of us, but it’s cool that you’re pursuing it anyway. Are you going to post your readings too? Because I would look forward to reading through them if you are.

        I will confess that I use the LWB definitions a lot (no real way to get around it at this stage in the game) but I also make sure to pay attention to any flashes of intuition I get when I first look at a card. Mainly I just trust my subconscious to line up the right cards as I’m shuffling, and use my gut feeling about the reading as a whole to guide my decision about what the cards mean in context. I know I’ll be able to read by pure intuition eventually but it’s a ways off yet for me.

      • I’m going to post them too. I think it’ll be useful to get some feedback on the card meanings and such. I do so many projects I like to think I have some degree of discipline. I’m in my second year of the 365 Project [photo a day]. Also, the learning aspect should keep me interested.

        I’ve been trying to trust my hunches when I look at the cards, but I’ve been using the books so long I don’t trust my ideas. And I’m going to change that. It’s inconvenient. I’m aiming to decipher the cards based on intuition alone, too. Going to take forever.

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