Biweekly Project Five; Craftiness Today [6/9]

My last post, where I posted the links to my Tarot Challenge and my Wicca site, reminded me that I desperately needed to make a tarot cloth for my readings. I think it’s a travesty that I’ve never had a spread cloth. Well, now I do. I ended up using the fabric that was intended for my Altar Cloth. I’m not hurt about this at all.

But, I’m not done for the day. I intend to get AT LEAST two bags done today… Or as done as I can get them, without having closures. I really don’t want to use elastic cord for it, so I’ll just wait until I get some ribbon tomorrow to actually 100% finish two bags. But I will get a couple of bags about 90% done tonight at some point.

UPDATE; I made two more bags, and decided to go rogue apparently, because I didn’t measure twice. In fact. I didn’t measure once. I guessed. And I failed. Both times. One of these was intended for my Pauline deck. But it didn’t fit. None of my decks fit. Maybe one of the ones in transit will. I’m heart broken, but i kept my word. Two more bags. :C


2 thoughts on “Biweekly Project Five; Craftiness Today [6/9]

    • I noticed that, too. I was like “… that looks like the cloth I have.” I bought this as a Fat Quarter at Walmart and thought it was super appropriate for whichever thing I used it for. :3

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