Pinterest Roundup Deux! Diversity

Round up two

Sewing Machine Cover– I chose this because I’m lazy and under-motivated and if I put this here it will motivate me to get in gear and make a sewing machine cover for my Brother. I’ve been meaning to for ages. xD

Polymer Clay Beads– This is a wonderful tutorial on making 3D Bezeled Polymer clay beads. I can totally see this working for a Pendant, a broach… So many possibilities

Tree of life Wire Wrapping– These pendants are all the rage right now, and they’re overpriced in shops. But they’re really not that hard to make. Check it out. :3

No-Bake Eclair– I’ve made this so many times, and even for a couple of Big family holidays. It’s a hit with the family and me and my boyfriend’s friends. Not only is it really good, it’s really easy. Seriously. You should try this. And feel free to use Caramel on top, or even just whipped cream with drizzled fudge. I think I use half the Whipped Cream in the Pudding as is called for. Take all the liberties you want, and it’ll still be amazing. :3

Daisy Chain Beading Tutorial– I’ve been into beading for a few months and I need to start practicing with it again, because it’s rewarding to tackle a hard pattern. But this. This is cute, classic and easy. If you’re a bead novice, this may help. :3

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