Slightly off topic, but…

I did mention I wasn’t going to convert this blog to a Wicca/Craft duo blog,  and to make good on my promise to my lovely [and loved] watchers, I created a blog for my Wicca topics. Of course, if I use my Biweekly project to pimp my cards, like this current project, it still goes here. But I will say I won’t go into great detail over here.

Wicca Blog

I’m also beginning a tarot challenge, where I read every day forever [or a year, but they’re kind of the same, no?]. The challenge begins Monday, when I get my journal and after I’ve made my reading cloth. That address is reminiscent of this sites address.

Tarot Challenge

I know I’m terribly unoriginal with names, I’m bad with titles, thesis sentences, naming animals, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be bad at naming my children one day. “COME HERE POTATO.” I can see it now.

I figured I would share those couple of links in the off chance that anyone’s interested.

Now to resume the craftiness.


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