Biweekly Project Five- Productive :D

Today I woke up determined to get things ready for some serious stitching. The Green bag is for the Goddess Tarot, and it seems super fitting, to me anyway. I’m out of ribbons, so I ended up using the Sachet yarn. Because, you know, green on green. Totally different shades. But it works. And the Silver matches up with the white. So glad I got this one to be actually useful. I think the rest will be, too. So long as I don’t go crazy with the casing for the drawstring.

Might end up finishing one or two more before I go to work at 6:30. So long as I can stay motivated. xD I may end up ripping out the sachet yarn and using a thick green ribbon if I can find one I like while at Walmart. Or I’ll wait until I go to Dothan and hit up a craft store. :3

Walmart isn’t really THE place for hunting ribbon. So, that’s 9/9, or 5/9, if they all need to be functional. ๐Ÿ˜€


10 thoughts on “Biweekly Project Five- Productive :D

    • Thank you ๐Ÿ˜€

      And I am, I’m planning to start it this evening. I work as a helpdesk operator and I’m pulling a night shift, so I was gonna start it at work ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Cool. Do you have a question picked out? I find it helps me to solidify and meditate on my question for a couple of hours off and on before I do a reading, just to rev up my subconscious mind to attune my intuition.

      • Right now I’m doing a monthly project with Aeclectic.Net and the first spread of the month is a Personality spread for the decks. I’m considering starting off being insync with that little thing. Then I’ll move into other spreads. xD

        Starting off slow. I’ll probably do something more interesting tomorrow. :3

        I really have no idea what to ask the cards most of the time xD

      • I know, I’ve only been doing it for two weeks and already I feel like I’m reaching a bit some days. I try to keep my questions fairly interesting instead of just being like “What should I do today?” Lame.

        I’ve found the most refreshing thing to do is just have fun with it sometimes and go completely off the wall with a totally non-serious question. I did that with my Dragon spread reading and it ended up being the post I’m most proud of XD

      • This reading the cards without the LWB is so insanely hard for me. I really want to start off slow and ‘easy’ while I’m trying to get this technique down. I have a French deck with a French LWB, so cheating and looking at it’s book isn’t really an option. xD

        I’ve been looking up little spreads and such and my Llewellyn deck came with one or two cool spreads I want to try. I might have to see this off the wall question. I’d always regarded the cards as… things that you didn’t goof around with, now that I’ve been reading for so long as even met a deck with a sense of humor, I’m quickly changing that little belief. xD

      • Well I admire your courage. I’ve heard that some people break down each card to a list of three or four key words that they feel most captures the essence of the card’s meaning in order to memorize and internalize them. I don’t know what your study habits are but you may want to try something like that, starting with the Major Arcana or even just your favorite cards. I have a thing for the Ace of Swords, for example, and it must have a thing for me too because it comes up in my readings a LOT. So if that card comes up I know immediately what it’s trying to tell me, but it’s the only card I know like that.

        What I also like to do is trawl different blogs and see how other people (whose opinion I respect) have to say about certain card’s I’m having trouble reading. I got a really good grasp of the High Priestess this way, so when she came up in yesterday’s reading I knew exactly what she was about.

      • I’ll probably develop keywords for each card. I just really want to see how well I break them down intuitively. It’s getting better, but I’m fairly sure that by the end of the month I’ll have some sort of fair grasp on it. I do things the hard way most times, just to see what I already understand and what I need to work on. Doing it the hard way take so much time though.

        I’ve not found a card that comes up that frequently for me, but that may be because of my hiatus that I took and just getting back into it. I wonder what my persistent card will be… xD

        Which blogs do you visit? I could always use some good resources. :3

      • Ah, okay ๐Ÿ˜€

        That works. I’ve been doing that a bit, too. But my head’s all over the place, I don’t normally hang out on one page for too long because I always have other ideas. I’ll keep an eye out. ๐Ÿ˜€

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