Biweekly Promise- Psycho Bag Making Mode

I have received all but two of my Decks, and as  result I have bags made, yes. But, i have many more to make so all of my cards have a home. I’m going into psycho mode tonight when I get home, and tomorrow before I go to work. My cards will be free of their cardboard prisons. I have some bags cut out and pinned, but i haven’t done any of the stitching on them yet. I need to get some more material out, or plan my embroidery, because I’m running out of different fabrics. Of course, I could always do my patchwork idea. But I realized I didn’t update here yesterday, and, regrettably, I didn’t go the craft store either. Midterms were fair.

But productivity craftwise, was not. But, tonight. After I get food, because I swear I’m starving to death, I’m going to play with my new cards and make them homes. :3

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