Biweekly Progress; Ready to Stitch [100+%]

I ended up getting 8 bags to a ready to sew stage before I went to work. I sewed one up, because I didn’t want to carry my Mystic Dreamer box with me to work because it’s large and unwieldy. Tomorrow, I’m projected to have almost my entire collected dressed up and ready to…sit wherever I put them as I learn and read with them each individually at different times. But, hey. They’ll be in something I made.

You may be asking, “Wynn, what’s your next challenge?”.  I give you a hearty “I have no idea!” inquiring soul. But I’m going to peruse and see what speaks to me and then I’ll tackle that too. Maybe something I can take to work with me, or maybe a beading technique. Possibly beading this time, since I haven’t done it in AGES. Besides I need to make some more jewelry to put on the shop. My next challenge will probably be jewelry related.

So there.

No picture for the progress today, apparently. I could have sworn I had taken one. But I have already completed the 9/9 requirement and right now I’m just finishing up and stitching the remainder. So, technically this challenge is a wrap. :3

6 thoughts on “Biweekly Progress; Ready to Stitch [100+%]

  1. Speaking of jewelry, have you ever used real gemstones to make anything? I have a pill-shaped aqua aura quartz I wanted to use to make a necklace, but I didn’t know if it was alright to use some sort of glue, or which type to use. I wanted to use one of those necklace clamp things you see with crystal points, but I wasn’t sure how to go about it.

    • Oh, you could use some E6000 and a bead cap [depending on how big it is]. The E6000 is pretty serious adhesive. I keep thinking about the silver coating on some gems that allow you pass a jump ring through. But apparently that’s not a cap or something that you can purchase.

      The glue+bead cap is one one way. Or you could use a drill to pass a small hole through it big enough for a jump ring. Or, another option is to do a little bit of wire work. :c

      [] <–My heart got broken here on learning about the coating :c

      • I’ll take some pictures when I get home. I kind of wanted an adhesive that’s, er, removable, in case I need or want to replace the cap. Is there some kind of solvent that removes E6000 without damaging the gem? Or leaving nasty residue? i definitely don’t want to do any drilling, so that’s out of the question.

      • Don’t really like the way it looks. I want the crystal to be free-hanging, and I haven’t seen any wire setups that do that effectively and still look good.

      • I feel your pain. :C

        Hopefully something will work. Perhaps there’s something that can dissolve the E6000… There might be very well, that I don’t know about.

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