Pinterest Roundup!

Image Book page charm; I can see doing this with either the glass in a bezel, or most likely some Ice resin. I really like resin stuff. 😀

   Copycat frapp!: A copy cat frapp from Starbucks. I can get behind this. I’ve found another recipe for the store bought starbucks coffee, too, it’s here. Personally, I really like THIS ONE. But I’ll give you a choice about how you get your fix. :3

 Transparent Resin frame; I really think this is so cool and it’s not terribly hard [at all!] but it does take some time and patience. 

 Paracord Cuff; A cool two color paracord bracelet pattern. Since I picked up a nice color of paracord to learn how to use the stuff, and maybe turn a profit once I get comfortable with it, I figure I’d post this. 😀

Hanging Clay Frame; I think this is a good idea, maybe clean it up a bit and make the inside edges more professional looking, but I’m not picking. This is a good basic tutorial and can be adapted to a smaller size for pendant bezels. 


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