Side Project and Haul!

2013-10-19 19.30.58


I had fruitful bit of shopping today, not very many things crafty but  I got myself a bit to hold me over. I got that awesome chunky grey-blue yarn to make a scarf for the winter, and as you can see, I’ve started it already. I got some Wildfire beading thread for my project. Paracord and Buckles for learning how to make those damned popular bracelets for my shop [to be sold in pairs]. Also, I got some cloth for my Altar cloth. I managed to remember a mason jar for my home made mod podge experiment.

I’m doing side projects because for the most part, I know i’m going to be frustrated and primarily trying to learn a new skill that’s eluded me in the past. I figure I can take a break and calm down in between failures. That way, if I fail, I have something to show for this project.

I’m going to try not to die again, but Hometown Story comes out Tuesday and I have that on pre-order… I will try SO hard not to disappear into the game. 😀


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