Side Project Update; Sir Yarns a Lot


My scarf is coming along well, and the only thing I’m unhappy about in regards to my pretty denim blue wrappy thing, is that it is positively EATING yarn. I’m kind of half way through my yarn and maybe 1/5 or even 1/8 through the scarf. I want this beast to be LONG. And I don’t know why. Well, it works out, kind of. I was wanting to add another color to it. Maybe make it Silver and have a Ravenclaw themed scarf. I’m thinking two striped on either end, and silver tassels? If I choose to do it as my mind pictures, I can’t do anything else on it til tomorrow when I go to Walmart [or Gamestop more appropriately to pick up a game I have on Pre-order.]

  Or I could always work it entirely in blue and add silver to the bottom or even just have silver fringe. I dunno. Really, I’d like a long scarf, but I wouldn’t scoff at a Cowl. Tomorrow, I’m going to start attempting the Russian Spiral. I’m a bit doubtful approaching this one, really. It’s defeated me 4 times at this point. So long as I complete my Access Project, start my extra credit essay for Religion, and get my bit of Lit reading done this week, I’ll be happy. I just got my music quizzes out of the way, which gives me one less thing to worry about. Tomorrow, I may start trying with my Paracord. I’m curious to try it now, but it’s almost eleven o’clock and I need to go to work tomorrow. And wake up in time to get some crack….. Er… Coffee from the local coffee shop. 

  Anyway, I went on a thing. I do that, and I ramble. Tomorrow, I’ll be;

  1.   Getting More yarn for my Side Project
  2. Getting my teeth kicked in by my beading project
  3. crawling in defeat to my Paracord venture
  4. Making my homemade ModPodge. 
  5. Doing Homeowork!! YAY! :C
  6. Posting Progress, of course.

 There. A list for tomorrow. 

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