Biweekly Update; Maybe I got dis?

So far, today, I’ve managed to try the Russian Spiral. What you see is my first valiant attempt. It actually looks like a spiral. I think I managed to, for the most part, figure this pattern out. I’m aiming to get a bracelet done with this pattern…But I’m not entirely sure. But, I’m proud. It looks like a spiral. This pattern is weird looking as your work it. But I managed to get a spiral tubey thing. So, I’m feeling mildly accomplished.

Also, I made my paracord bracelet. I didn’t measure it, as per my normal misguided judgement. And, as expected it came out shorted than I needed. The Square knots didn’t make it to the other side. It came out about 2 inches short, knot-wise. In the picture it’s only about an inch or so, but that’s because I slid the knots down to cover space. I’ll…get it right next time I’ll get it right. Maybe.   I hope.

The point is that I kind of figured out the Spiral, and I got the paracord bracelet figure out [aside from the measurement aspect]. But I got the burning the ends down and tying knots. So, yay me! A super huge yay for the spiral. I kind of grasped it, so I’m feeling accomplished. I kind of want to make my ModPodge, but I really have no idea why I even want the stuff.

I didn’t get my yarn yesterday, because I’m trying to be conservative right now so I can pay off all my bills and junk.  I may end up making a cowl or something with that. Like, make a button hole and have a big chunky cowl/collar/neck brace. Or something. I’m not terribly sure.

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