Check this out, guys!

   So, this is just something I want to share with you guys that I found this evening. I found this neat little tutorial on Screen Printing on the cheap with ModPodge. It looks super easy. 😀

 Also, Super Cute Sewing Tutorials!


  Today my resin came today, I got the EasyCast 8 oz set. And I can’t wait to use it. I’m considering making little bezels out of Polymer clay and seeing how they turn out. I get to learn how to coat clay in resin [for long lasting-ness] and then do my doming stuff to it. As you’ll recall, maybe, I’ve attempted Resin Pendants before. This’ll be a first making all the stuff myself [by “all the stuff” I mean the bezel, mixing the Resin and figuring out what goes in my pendant]. So it’ll be a fun little thing for me to try. 😀


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