Biweekly Update; I stand defeated + Haul

After this project, I Stand defeated. This beading thing, as simplistic as it looked, was a bit outside of my attention span. I kept messing up my color sequence. I stand completely defeated. This project period, I was able to learn how to make Paracord Bracelets. I ALMOST had the Spiral down, but screwed up. Almost had it about 5 times before I got confused and opted to start over.

I don’t have anything to show for this failure, save for a bit of progress on my Scarf side project.


I also got some of my crafty stuff, I’m waiting for my Molds still.  Also, please excuse that plate. xD

I got my Metal Stamps, fabric scraps [yes, I’m addicted to scraps. but why?] and my Micro Engraver. I HAVE NO UNGODLY IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH THE ENGRAVER. Like, maybe use it on my clay stuff? Or on my Crystal necklaces? Or engrave certain resin pieces? I have no idea, like I have ideas. But no solid ones. Tomorrow, before I go to work I may try to start an easy beading thing like perhaps a daisy chain or a braided something. I still need to make my mod podge. And auajgdhdfd

I offer my sincerest apologies. I have been bested. I think my downfall was jumping between Tutorials. The first one, I nearly got it down. And then I changed my information. Maybe I’ll tackle this one again one day, after I’m all practiced up.

3 thoughts on “Biweekly Update; I stand defeated + Haul

    • It’s upsetting. I don’t like not being able to figure something out. And I guess beading requires a bit more of an eye for detail than I’m used to. Either that, or somehow I was over complicating things. No matter though, I’ll tackle a few easier patterns and then try again 😀

      Probably didn’t help that I hadn’t tried beading in MONTHS.

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