Side Project Promotion to Biweekly Project Six

  So, this lovely scarf I’m working on is going to be my next biweekly project. I’m going to aim to have it done by AT THE LATEST Monday, November 11. By that time, I should have it completed and be able to practice metal stamping, or clay or resin molds. One project at a time. I’ll be starting another embroidery project.

  If you’ve not seen my current progress on the Winter Scarf, Sir Yarns A Lot, here it is; 

  Ideally, this project will consume both yarns. I want it to be LONG. really long. I don’t have a really long, really toasty scarf. And, that my friends, is going to change. Also, be looking forward to more video blogs. Because sometimes, I think those are better for updates on progress of certain things that perhaps text/images won’t be able to accurately portray. 😀


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